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It's amazing to see all the beads I've accumulated in the midst of creating bracelets for Rock & Hardware Jewelry. I think I enjoy shopping for beads just as much as I do creating cool bracelets. It never seems like I have enough! I'm Cindy, and I'm a beadaholic!!!

I've always had an obsession with rocks and gemstones even as a young girl. There's something about the texture, patterns and stunning hues that draw me in and captivate me. Over the course of the past two years, I have an ever-growing abundance of beads that never made it into any of the designs I've created. As I was developing and refining my style, I've outgrown some of my earlier bead selections. So those neglected beads were stashed away in compartments in my jewelry organizers. Oftentimes, I'd pull them out, look at them, try to figure out if I could somehow incorporate them into a current design, only to put them back in their drawer.

I finally realized I needed to do something with all these beads ... especially if I wasn't going to use them in my own bracelet designs. But what could I do with them? I started researching organizations that utilized donated craft supplies and stumbled upon ArtStart. ArtStart is a Minnesota-based organization that inspires artistic creativity through quality arts education experiences. They do this through various camps, an ArtScaps reuse store, an EcoArts Festival and a ScrapMobile. ArtStart provides an interdisciplinary view of the world through art classes and special programs focusing on the connection between humans and their environment. After reading about this awesome organization, I was thrilled to see that the ArtStart reuse store had beads listed on their donation wish list.

So this week, I went through my entire inventory and packed up a whopping 15 pounds of unused beads! My neglected beads are on their way to ArtStart where they will have a new purpose and I couldn't be happier. Besides, I now have a lot more room for new beads! Woohoo ... good thing the gem show is in town this weekend!!!

To find out more about ArtStart and how they are bringing arts education to their community, visit

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