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Once the excitement of knowing Rock & Hardware would be included in the celebrity swag bags at the 2013 GBK Oscar Celebrity Gift Lounge (thanks to The Artisan Group!) settled down, the decision of what to make was foremost on my mind. I debated between making a stack of three bracelets or a single statement bracelet. The fact that I needed to provide 100 items made that decision fairly easy ... a single statement bracelet!

I wanted to make a bracelet I loved as well as one that would have an element of unexpectedness. I'm extremely fond of Red Creek Jasper beads, probably one of my favorites. These gorgeous beads are commonly mined near the Red River in China. Each bead is different in its intricate patterns with red, sage green and tan hues swirling about giving the beads a very natural look. I needed a large quantity of stones and fortunately, I have an excellent supplier that carries THE BEST Red Creek Jasper beads. They are stunning!

My next step was to come up with a unique focal bead or beads to set the bracelet apart. I bounced around ideas of various hand carved wood shapes, smoked glass beads and finally settled on Dzi beads (pronounced Zee). Dzi is a Tibetan word that describes a patterned agate bead that is etched with various symbols such as circles, squares, squiggly lines and more. They are the coolest beads and I love the individuality of each pattern. They were the perfect beads to complement the Red Creek Jasper. I found a large supply of Dzi beads at a local trunk show and snapped them up. They were the exact "unexpectedness" I needed to complete my bracelet.

The production process is winding down (everything is prepped and awaiting one final element). I'm excited to ship my Rock & Hardware bracelets off to The Artisan Group where they will assemble it with other amazing handcrafted gifts from selected members and deliver to the GBK Oscar Celebrity Gift Lounge. 

I can't wait to see which celebrities end up with Rock & Hardware bracelets. I hope they love them as much as I do!!!

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