How to Stamp on Muslin Bags

We recently switched up our packaging at Rock & Hardware Jewelry and we couldn't be happier with the end result! Previously, we used a black velour jewelry pouch that had our logo hot stamped on it. While the bags were nice, we were never 100% happy with the look of the foil stamping with our logo. Plus it was lacking the earthy, natural feel that goes so well with our products. We decided to try our hand at stamping our logo on cotton muslin bags and WOW, it was exactly what we were hoping for!

Cotton muslin bags come in handy for all kinds of gift giving, including wedding favors, party favors, birthday gifts ... the list is endless! You can stamp one bag as needed or hundreds of bags for large events. It's super easy and just involves a few steps which we've outlined here.

• Cotton muslin bags (you'll find many shops on Etsy that carry an array of sizes)
• Rubber stamp (we purchased our stamp from SayaBellStamps on Etsy)

• Ink pad for fabric (we like to use ColorBox Crafter's ink pad)
• Cardboard, cut to fit inside your bag
• Iron

Step 1 ...

The first thing you want to do is place a piece of cardboard (cut to fit inside your bag) and place it inside. This helps stop the ink from bleeding through to the back of the bag.

Step 2 ...

Next decide where you'd like to place your design on the bag, then load your stamp with ink. I like to color test my stamp on paper before I begin actual stamping on bags. This helps to know how much pressure to use when loading your stamp with ink as well as how hard to press on the bags. Once your happy with the test, reload and stamp on your bag. I reload after every stamp I make to keep a nice crisp look to the design.


Step 3 ...

Allow your ink to set for 48 hours, then iron each bag to heat set the ink. Though you can heat set sooner than 48 hours, I've had the best results in letting the ink dry naturally.

... you now have a beautiful custom gift giving bag that everyone will adore!!!
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