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I've always been a lover of quotes ... meaningful, inspiring words that touch the heart, move you to do better and provide comfort during tough times. Several years back, I decided to give up New Year's resolutions and instead focus on one word for the year. I was never very good at resolutions anyway! I'd start out strong and a few weeks later, I'd forget all about my resolutions and go back to my old ways. By choosing to focus on one word, it gives me a guide and helps with the choices I make on a daily basis. Don't get me wrong, there are days I forget but last year I came up with a wonderful way to remind myself ... Rock & Hardware quote bracelets!

This line of bracelets offers over 20 single word options with words such as "create", "happy" and "faith." And if you have a difficult time narrowing down your options to one word, we have some full quote styles available as well. Quotes such as "live the life you've imagined" and "life is about creating yourself" help you find focus in your daily living. With 12 quotes to choose from, you're sure to find one that speaks to you. Our one word bracelets come in 5mm round leather available in black or natural brown. (For a braided leather option with 15 word choices, check here). Our quote bracelets are made with 2 braided strands of 2.0mm genuine leather cord and come in the following colors: natural gray/tan; natural golden/tan; and black.

So, now that we are almost two months into the New Year ... how are those resolutions working out for you?!?!

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