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Posted by Cindy Kassebaum on

We are so thrilled to have finally completed the 100 bracelets Rock & Hardware is gifting the celebrities at the 2013 GBK Oscar Celebrity Gift Lounge! This was no small undertaking ... many decision were made and countless hours researching supplies, let alone the actual making of the bracelets.

This past weekend was production central around here. Once I received the last piece to complete the bracelets, I moved into full speed ahead! I was bound and determined to finish the project well ahead of time. The bracelets need to be received by The Artisan Group (the wonderful organization I belong to and organized this great gifting opportunity) by the first week in February. I had the bracelets completed by Saturday and figured the packaging would be a breeze and not take long at all. Boy, was I wrong about that! I plopped myself down at the start of E!'s Golden Globe red carpet show, set up an assembly line and started packaging. Lo and behold, I wasn't done until the actual Golden Globe award show was completed! But I am happy to have plowed through and feel quite accomplished. The final packages are all boxed up, ready and waiting to take them to FedEx once the shipping window nears. I love the beaded stretch bracelet I'm gifting and I hope the celebrities find it unique and fun to wear. 

I'm hoping Rock & Hardware Jewelry can be involved in more of these awesome events in the future. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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