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Through our association with The Artisan Group, Rock & Hardware Jewelry has been given two amazing opportunities over the past couple weeks! We will be gifting not one, but TWO, wardrobe stylists of hit television series!!!

The first stylist we will be gifting is from the popular CW series, The Vampire Diaries. It's always a difficult decision to know exactly what to submit for these giftings. Our men's bracelets have been a huge success since we began listing them in our shop not long ago, but I didn't want to exclude considering the female cast members so I opted for a unisex style bracelet. Rock & Hardware will be gifting a beaded stretch bracelet that features 8mm snakeskin beads, 8mm black jasper beads, a carved wooden focal bead and pewter accent beads. We are hoping it's just the right fit for the show and the stylist has the perfect outfit that our bracelet will complement. 

We've also already listed this awesome bracelet in our Etsy shop! If you are a fan of the show or know someone who is, this is the perfect gift for them (or yourself!). 

The second wardrobe stylist we had the honor of gifting is from the ABC hit show, Once Upon a Time and their new series, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland! Once again, we had to put our thinking cap on and decide what was a good fit for the show. We bounced around ideas of bracelet stacks with pearls and dainty metals, a single statement bracelet ... do we do a mens bracelet, womens or unisex? The creative process can be overwhelming (but in a good way!) as it can challenge you. I came across these pewter knot beads — almost resemble a Celtic knot — that were so cool and I knew I wanted to use them. I had recently purchased some dyed red quartz beads that looked stunning next to the pewter so they were in! I'm a big fan of Cat's Eye quartz ... the beads are so cool! The stones have a chatoyance that is an optical reflection in the stones resembling a cat's eye. I definitely want to incorporate them into my beaded stretch bracelet. I paired them with black onyx beads creating a nice contrast on the bracelet. This bracelet will appeal to men AND women ... it is so stunning! Hoping the wardrobe stylist agrees!!!

This bracelet, too, is already available in our Etsy shop!

Rock & Hardware is thrilled to have been a part of these two wonderful gifting opportunities ... all thanks to The Artisan Group!

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